Repa Reittiopas is an automated journey planning service for the users of public transport in Tampere.

Introduction to Repa Reittiopas

Repa Reittiopas allows You to search for best public transport connections between Your selected locations. The Repa Reittiopas also uses a network of walking connections, so it will plan Your journey on a door-to-door -principle. Included in the journey are the walking connections from origin to the first stop, at transfer points and from the last stop to Your destination.

With this service, planning Your journey is much easier than working with printed timetables and route maps. You only need to tell the Repa Reittiopas the origin and destination as well as time and date of Your journey. Repa Reittiopas uses estimated passing times at all stops and observes automatically possible transfers between lines of transport. All search results are specifically TIME RELATED. The Repa Reittiopas will suggest the most favorable connections available at the given time.

Notice that the search results provided by the service are suggestions, which should be helpful with the planning of Your journey. The suggested connections are based on estimated travel times, which may not hold true due to weather, traffic conditions or other disturbances in the transport system. the city of Tampere does not accept any liability for possibly unsuccessful transport connections suggested by the Repa Reittiopas.

You can save Your own connections and locations for later use.

The use of Repa Reittiopas internet service is provided free of charge by the city of Tampere.

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How to create Your search

1. Place of departure and destination

The service will suggest calculated connections between the selected origin and destination at the specified time and date. You should select first Your origin and then Your destination using any of the following methods:

A) Type a street address or name of stop in the text field. When using the text option, you are presented with a dropdown menu of possible choices after three typed characters. The service recognizes street names and bus stops.

B) You can also point the place of interest on the map, when the address closest to the place you clicked is chosen. If no street address is found close to the place where you clicked, the coordinates of the chosen place are shown.

C) The option "A-Z Index" will lead to an alphabetical index, where You can search the listed street names and stops.

D) If You have saved own locations with the service, You can select them by selecting "Own locations" -option.


2. Time and date

The Repa Reittiopas will use the current time as default for departure. You can also type in the time and date You want to search for and select, whether You want to start the journey or arrive at the given time. The input format for time is 00 00-23 59 and for date dd(day) mm(month) yyyy(year). You can always update the current time from our server by clicking the Clock-button Set current time on the left side of text field. If You are searching for journeys past midnight, make sure that You set the date accordingly.

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Activating the search

After the place of departure, destination, time and date have been set correctly, You can activate the search by clicking the SEARCH button.

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Search results

Route summary

In the route summary view above the map You can see the key information about suggested routes including the journey times, transport modes used and total walking distance. Click the suggested routes to see route on the map and more detailed information about routes. Detailed information will be shown on the left side of the map. The links "Earlier" and "Later" will slightly adjust the time of the search.

Route description

The detailed route description will show all detailed information required for making the journey. You can show or hide lists of stops and street names by clicking - and + -buttons on the detailed route suggestion. You can follow the route on the map by clicking hyperlinks in street and stop names.

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Advanced search

Clicking the link "Advanced search" will open additional selections below the basic search form.

With the advanced search options You can adjust the following search parameters to Your own preference:

  • A) Walking speed
  • B) Maximum walking length
  • C) Route type
  • D) Transfer safety margin

Walking speed

Walking speed can be selected from three pre-set levels: slow - 30 metres per minute, default - 70 metres per minute and fast - 100 metres per minute. The default speed 70 m/min is commonly used for walking in urban traffic conditions.

Maximum walking length

Maximum walking length option will adjust limits for the total walking distance included in the route.

Route type

Route type can be selected from four different profiles: default, fastest, least transfers and least walking. The default profile is based on real passenger behaviour regarding walking and transfers. The fastest profile will use any means available to arrive as early as possible or start as late as possible in regard to the set departure or arrival time. Least transfers -route profile will minimize the number of transfers and least walking will minimize the total walking distance included in the route.

Transfer safety margin

Transfer safety margin means the required time margin between the arrival and next departure at a stop while transferring from one vehicle to another. The default margin is 3 minutes. If the estimated arrival time is 8.30, it is possible to transfer to a vehicle departing from the same stop at 8.33 or later. Reducing the default margin can allow for faster possible connections, but the reliability of the suggested transfers will also be reduced and the connection may not be successful in practice. Increasing the margin will produce slower but more reliable connections. Some transfer points have a fixed margin which will override the user setting.

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Saving own connections and locations

You can save Your own connections and locations for later use. The saved connections and locations can be seen and used as quick selection links. Saving is done by selecting the "Save location" option from menu next to text fields. To be able to use the save feature You must have Your Internet browser set to accept cookies.

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Printing the route suggestion

You can print the route suggestion with transfer maps and detailed route information with the "Print route suggestion" -link on the upper right edge of the map or below the detailed route suggestion. Printing function will show route directions in printer-friendly view in new window. On the printer-friendly view you can hide or show the details of the route by - and + -buttons. There may be several pages to print, if the searched route is long.

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Map functions

The Repa Reittiopas includes an integrated map server, which allows the following functions:

  • Showing the route visualisation
  • Showing the location of a place or address on the map
  • Selecting place of departure and destination from the map
  • The map is draggable so you can move the map just by dragging it to desired direction. You can zoom the map by clicking - and + -buttons on the upper-left corner of the map. It is possible to centralize the map by doubleclicking to a desired location.

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WWW -technical info

Browser requirements

The most essential part of the user interface for the Repa Reittiopas is a map display based on Ajax technology. This means that the service can only be used on relatively new browsers. Its functionality has been tested on the new browser versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari browser for Mac.


Cookies are small files saved on Your computer by Internet services and re-sent to the same services when needed to restore Your own settings. Saving Your own connections and locations with the Repa Reittiopas requires Your browser settings to enable saving cookies on Your computer. You can use all other Repa Reittiopas functions without accepting cookies.


The use of Javascript in the Repa Reittiopas service is essential part of the user interface, so you have to allow Javascript on your browser to use the Repa Reittiopas.

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